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Sugar Loaf

Sugar Loaf Cliff and Urca MountSugar Loaf (also knwon as Pão de Açucar in Portuguese language) and its cable cars that takes you to the top of two mountains and It is a must along with Corcovado. Once you get there you have wonderful views of the city.

Sugar Loaf, Urca Mount and Cable Cars

How to get there and best time to visit:

If you want to go there on your own, you can take the bus to Urca at Copacabana Avenue, and get off at Urca beach. The bus stop is next to the cable car station.You will see the cable car station that take you to Sugar Loaf. (Ask the driver to tell you, when you get there.)

It's a good idea visiting Sugar Loaf around 17:00 ( 5:00 PM) to see Rio Landscape at day and night. (Avoid cloudy days to visito Sugar Loaf or Corcovado).

The cable car departs every 30 minutes during daytime and early evening.

It is one of the most famous icons of Rio

31 million tourists had visited Sugar Loaf when it turned 90 year old in 2002.

In December, January, February and July – high season – 3000 people climb the Sugar Loaf by Its cable cars.

In the 70´s, an amphitheater named The Green Shell (Concha Verde) was built on the top of Urca Hill, the first stage to Sugar Loaf.

Brazilians musicians has performed there. John Mayall, the English blues singer is one the foreign artists that has performed there.

A challenge to engineering : The cable car history is directly linked to its creator, engeneer Augusto Ferreira Ramos, who imagined an aerial way to the Sugar Loaf in 1908.

Sugar Loaf cable carOld Sugar Loaf Cable Car

The Sugar Loaf Company (Companhia Caminho Aéreo Pão de Açúcar) was then founded and in 1910 the construction of the first Brazilian cable car was initiated. Brazilians and Portuguese worked on it with German equipment and materials, which were transported to the top of the mountains by hundreds of workmen. At that time, It was a dangerous and daring engineering operation.

The first 575m stage, between Praia Vermelha and Morro da Urca, was completed on 27 October 1912. 577 people went up on the wooden car with a capacity for 24 passengers on this day. On 18 January of the following year the stage Urca to Pão de Açucar was inaugurated.

In 1969, the Sugar Loaf Company was allowed to double the aerial line with 2 new and modern cable car service with 4 cars, each one carrying 75 passengers. The works took two years and was completed on 29 October 1972.

On the top of Urca mount, the first stage to get to Sugar Loaf mount, there are exhibitions about the history of the air road to the mount. You can even enter in an old cable car that you can see in the picture above.