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Nature in Rio de Janeiro

Rio can be looked at from all sides, in every way, from the ground and from the sky, by every means, live or on the Web. The spectacle of nature is wondeful. If you have not seen it with your own eyes, you do not know what you have been missing!

The nature embraces Rio de Janeiro City | A view of Botafogo cove seen from Pasmado Hill

Seen from above, the spectacle of nature dazzles with its many shapes, colors and shades with the outlines of its relief, the contrasting presence of sea, mountains and forests coming together in the big city. A closer look at the predominant green areas can be had from the Tijuca, Gericinó or Pedra Branca massifs.

Tijuca National Park comes gradually closer until we reach Gávea Rock (Pedra da Gávea), Corcovado Mountain (Corcovado), Pedra Bonita and Mount Joatinga.

The bays, lowlands, coves, lagoons, beaches, islands, parks, plazas, avenues, streets come into view as by magic.

The incredible sight is, no flight of fancy, it actually is Wonderful Rio de Janeiro, known for its diversity which each and everyone can enjoy.

Rio de Janeiro of scientists and geologists, of urban ecology, of fauna and flora. Rio of oceanic islands, beaches, mangroves, sandbank vegetation, chimneys of extinct volcanoes, of all threatened species and of preservation programs for the Atlantic Forest.

Rio of nature lovers, of birdwathcing, mountaineering, adventure tourism, of walking and exploring unusual routes and almost untouched trails.

The green Rio that can be seen from above is not a fiction, but a city proud of its two beautiful and important bays, and of the most attractive urban forest in the whole world.

It is the Rio of nature's greens and also blues, yellows, reds, purples, pinks, all the colors of flowers, trees, birds, mountains, beaches, a constant invitationt to discover every one of its corners and nooks.

Guanabara Bay

Rio de Janeiro City has on its shore one of the most beatiful and famous bay on the world, Guanabara Bay. It is the second largest in Brazil, and It has always fascinated travelers for its size, 412 km², and especially for its exuberant beauty [...]

Sepetiba Bay

Besides Guanabara bay, Rio de Janeiro City has another another famous and important bay. It is Sepetiba bay that goes from the delta of Portinho River, also known as shark channei in Guaratiba, to the extreme of Marambaia Island in the borough of Mangaratiba [...]

Lagoons and Coves

Besides the two lovely bays, Rio has two coves and five lagoons, which viewed from any angle of observation, complete the extraordinary pictorial compositíon with shadesand outlenes that make the city a universal symbol of beauty [...]

Rio de Janeiro´s Islands

Islands on Its coast are amongst Rio attractions. In the Guanabara Bay Islands, Oceanic Islands and Sepetiba Bay islands flora and fauna can be found as well as places for sightseeing, walking, scuba diving, underwater fishing and wounderful boat day trips [...]

Beaches in Rio de Janeiro City

Their colorful names, natural peculiarities and magnetic beauty give the Rio de Janeiro Beaches the charm that inspires visitors, call the attention of tourists and enchant everyone. Without a doubt, the magnificent sceneries of Rio beaches is a pleasure for your eyes [...]

Mounts, Massifs and Shell-Mountains

Rio de Janeiro has mounts, massifs, mountain ranges, shell-mountains, bays, coves, islands, lagoons, waterfalls, trails, gardens, forests, and unending natural scenery that even the majoríty of locals can not imagine how many more names could still be added to the list of attractions. It is for those nature formations that Rio is famous throughout the world [...]

Green in Rio de Janeiro City

Green Rio de Janeiro links regions and neighborhoods, harmonizes the environment making the city even more pleasant. Floresta da Tijuca, Jardim Botânico, Quinta da Boa Vista, Passeio Público, Campo de Santana, woods and municipal parks are some of the green areas known, visited and acclaimed by the locals, visitors, travellers and tourists [...]

A Forest in The City - Tijuca Forest

For those who love nature tourism and ecotourism, there is a huge tropical forrest in the middle of Rio the Janeiro City, with waterfalls, pictoresque winding paved roads, trails, animals and a vast range of birds species, colorful butterflies and some historic attractions [...]

Parks in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro City is not only associated with the beaches and sea, but also with the green parks, mountains and green landscapes. In the parks or Rio you can see beatiful gardens, enjoy picnic areas, bicycle tracks and find trails, leisure equipment and sports activities. It is a must for all the ones who love nature, ecology and outdoor recreational activities [...]

Trails in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a maritime city with countless trails and routes. Before it is the sea, behind rise the mountains, both offering options for the practice of varied sports and adventures. Whatever is your choice in terms of activities, be sure there no shortage of options [...]

Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden can be considered an ecological sanctuary and It is one of the ten most important in the world. It houses the rarest species of plants of Braziliam flora and other countries [...]