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Rio de Janeiro Hotels and Places to Stay in The Best Neighborhoods

Map of Rio de Janeiro with areas and districtsAbout places to stay in Rio de Janeiro City considering location in the city, the best districts, prices, booking and many tips about accommodations. See also the Rio city map, districts and best areas to stay.

Hotels and alternatives types of accommodations

In the City of Rio de Janeiro there are several types of accommodations and lodging options, for all tastes, budgets and age ranges. Amongst the options there are hotels, sevice-flats, inns and youth hostels.

There is also the option of furnished apartments for rent. This kind of accommodation is used by people who want to spend longer periods in the city, or by the ones that opts to give up the comforts and conveniences of hotels due to the economy in renting a self-contained apartment.

From luxurious to resonably priced and budget accommodation

The main hosting option, and the most common is through the hotel network, and the Rio de Janeiro hotels has the highest international level, leaving nothing compared to the best hotels in the world in terms of service and accommodation. See about the best and most expensive hotel in Rio.

There are hotels to the most varied price ranges, and generally speaking, the more expensive ones are nearby beaches and close to the most famous neighborhoods or to the touristic areas of the city.

On the other hand, it is certain that, the less expensive or even cheaper hotels usually are located in more remote locations from the main tourist areas.

You can get tips on how to get accommodation and cheap hotels in another page of this website.

About Booking, Prices and Seasons

For those who have in mind to book a hotel in Rio de Janeiro, it is interesting to consider the following factors. The hotels most expensive and most luxurious, are located in the South Zone of the city, usually facing the sea. The ones that are less expensives are located in the streets that does not provide an ocean view.

Hotels located in the most famous areas, such as Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon charges more than hotels located in the remote areas, which are not close to the main touristic areas, and the difference of prices and tariffs is considerable.

Another thing to note with respect to reserves, is that you should not leave to the last minute. During summertime, especially on dates through New Year´s Eve and during the Carnival feast, the hotels gets all booked. Whoever do not book an accommodation beforehand for high season or the most required events will face great difficulty to find a place to stay, or may not find accommodation.

Hotels Throughout the Touristic Areas of The City

The hotels listed in this website are organized by city areas, neighborhoods and locations, which represent the main areas of the city in terms of accommodation for tourists, travellers or business trip. The list present hotels in the city centre or downtown and in some distrcits of south zone and other areas of the city.

City Centre, Downtown, Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Leme, Arpoador, Glória , Santa Teresa, Catete, Flamengo, Botafogo, Gávea, São Conrado, Barra da Tijuca, Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Paquetá Island, Ilha do Governador and International Airport GIG.

It is important to say that, for those who are in business trip to other parts of Brazil, and want to stay very close to the Santos Dumont airport (Internal flights only), the hotels in the City Center can be a good option.

Below, you can see a map of the city that has a pictorial description of its districts.

Rio map | District and touristic attractions

In the map you can see above, you can see the touristic areas of the city and its districts. You can also notice that, the city counts with two airports. The Galeão International Airport is also know as GIG in Ilha do Governador. The SDU also known as Santos Dumont Airport if for domestic flights and is located next to city centre or downtown.

Other accommodations options

To the ones that for any reason are in search for other types of accommodations, in Rio de Janeiro there many options such as the ones listed below:

Hotels that did history in Rio de Janeiro City

On another page of this site, just out of curiosity, we show lodging and hotels in Rio ancient times. Those hotels did history at different times, from colonial times until the 20th century. Apart from a few rare exceptions, those are hotels and inns that no longer exist except in memory and history of a time that has gone.

So when you click the link on hotels in Rio who did history, you will see hotels to stay only in the imagination of a journey in time, and you will see also, some old pictures and facts related to that old hotels, and how was the life like in the city of Rio de Janeiro in bygone days.