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Corcovado and Christy The Reedmeer Statue

Corcovado and Sugar LoafCorcovado mountain has a railway that goes through the jungle of Tijuca National Park and takes you to the top of the mountain where you have a view to the city. It is a must as long as with Sugar Loaf. On the top you can see the huge Christy The Reedmeer Satatue.

How to get to Corcovado Train Station

If you want to go there on your own, you can take a bus and get off at Corcovado train station. The bus stop is next to the station. Once there, there is two ways to go up Corcovado. By car (shuttle) or railway. By railway is the most beautiful and least expensive way. The best time to visit It is in the daytime on sunny days.

The Corcovado Mountain Railway

More than 600 thousand people a year are taken to the summit of Corcovado mountain by Its 100 years old railway, the oldest tourist spot in the country.

Through the train windows you can see the woods which is part of Tijuca National Park; the biggest urban forest in the world.

The first renowned passenger to climb the Corcovado hill by train was Dom Pedro II, emperor of Brazil, who inaugurated the railway in October 9th, 1884.

The train, steam powered at that time, was considered a miracle of engineering for its capacity of performing 3.824 meters of very steep railways.

Corcovado railway and Christy The Reedmeer Statue.jpg

The railway is even older than the monument of Christ. It was this same train that carried for 4 years the parts of the statue to be assembled at the summit of the hill.

In 1910, steam trains were replaced by electric ones. The Corcovado Railway was the first eletricfied Brazilian railwya. The railway was modernized and new trains were brought from Switzerland in 1979.

The train departs every 30 minutes during daytime.

The Monument: The Christ statue was built between 1927 and 1931.

The Paineiras Hotel: Along with the railway it was built the Paineiras Hotel at the highest end of railway, and inaugurated in the same day as the railway. The Hotel was renovated and rebuilt many times along the years. The old hotel was closed in 1984.

Famous people and celebrities stayed there such as Brazilians President Washington Luis, Getúlio Vargas, Café Filho and the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt. The 1970 World Cup Champion Brazilian Football Team stayed there for a period of time before going to the World Cup in Mexico.

Corcovado railwayCorcovado train station

In the pictures above you can see a Corcovado Railway Train and the Corcovado Station where you can get the train.