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Copacabana and Its Attractions

There are very attractive places to visit in Copacabana. In the first place, certainly, it comes the beach where you can sunbath during the day and go for a walk along the sidewalk/pavement in the evening or in the night.

Copacabana beach and surroundings seen from the top of Leme MountAccording to one of the most famous guide book on earth, Copacabana is described as following:

"Copacabana is undoubtedely the capital of Brazilian tourism. It is possible to spend an entire Brazilian vacation without leaving it, and some people do just that. The majority of Rio´s mid-range and top-end hotels are here, and they are accompanied by plenty of restaurants, shops and bars. For pure city excitement, Copacabana is Rio´s liveliest theater." See also about Copacabana as a beach.

The world most famous beach is about 6km long. From the curved beach you can see the Sugar Loaf and Morro do Leme (Leme Hill), both of them slabs of granite. The last kilometer of the east end of the beach, between Princesa Isabel Av and Morro do Leme is called Praia do Leme. Copacabana is also the district that has more hotels in Rio de Janeiro City

Things to do in Copacabana

There is always something happening on the beach during the day and on the side-walks of Atlantica Av during day and night such as drinking, eating, singing, and people checking out the scene.

You will see people strolling or jogging, tourists and brazilians, even the poor, middle-class and rich people. Its a melting pot of Rio. When you go to the beach or for a walk it is usual to put on casual clothes, and take only the essentials.

Among the main attractions in Copacabana there is the Copacabana beach, the promenade, the MIS aka Image and Sound Museum, the Copacabana Fort, The Leme Fort and its picturesque trail, and the Leme beach with its promenade on the foot of Leme Hill.

Rolling Stones in Copacabana in 2006Beach Soccer Worl Cup in Copacabana Beach in 2007Sometimes concerts, exhibitions, fair, outdoor movies, and other events take place in Copacabana. The FIFA Beach Soccer Worl Cup took place in Copacabana Beach in November 2007.

The Rolling Stones performed in Copacabana during the 2006 World Tour. The big gig in front of the Copacabana Palace Hotel, tooke place in Feb 18 at 21h45. It lasted 2 hours and It is estimated that 1.3 milion people watched the show. Lenny Kravitz and Rod Steward has already performed in Copacabana Beach.

Copacabana Palace on Atlantica AvenueCoconut palms in Copacabana Beach

Avenida Atlantica (Atlantica Av) runs along the ocean with lots of upscale/upmarket buildings and hotels such as Copacabana Palace, Othon Hotel, Marriot. Some parts of Copacabana beach has some Coconut palms.

Copacabana Beach looking towards Leme and Sugar Loaf CliffPromenade and kiosks in Copacabana beach

The beach with views to mountains, islands and rocks is one of the mais attractions of Copacabana. In the background of the picture we can see the Leme Mountain and Sugar Loaf Cliff. The wide promenada that runs along Atlantic Avenue has lots of kiosks that serves beverage, fresh juice and meals.

Kiosks with live music in Copacabana promenadeThe dawn in Copcabana

Copacabana promenade has several Kiosks where you can find live music. The dawn in Copacabana is very beautiful, and many visitor, torurists and travelers see it while jogging along on the promenade and beach.